About The Vintage Vine Market

Where past and present intertwine

Welcome to our enchanting world of vintage wonders and artistic expressions! Our boutique is more than just a store - it's a place where history comes alive, where creativity flourishes, and where the love for unique, handcrafted treasures is celebrated.

Founded by a passionate vintage enthusiast and a staunch supporter of local artists, our humble shop has become a beloved destination for those seeking a truly distinctive shopping experience. With a deep appreciation for the stories that each item carries, we have created a space that honors the past while embracing the present and hope that a love for these treasures connects future generations.

Our journey began with a love for all things vintage—an admiration for the craftsmanship and attention to detail that define these enduring pieces. We spend countless hours scouring flea markets, estate sales, and hidden corners of the world to curate a collection that embodies the spirit of nostalgia. Each item is carefully selected, not only for its beauty but for the tales it holds within.

As we built our vintage haven, we realized the immense talent that resides in our local community. Inspired by the richness of creativity around us, we opened our doors to the artists and artisans who bring their unique visions to life. Their handmade creations infuse our boutique with a sense of wonder and originality, forming a harmonious blend of vintage and contemporary artistry.

Beyond being a platform for artists, we are also a place of connection and storytelling. Our team is passionate about the history and narratives behind every piece that graces our shelves. We take joy in sharing these stories with our customers, fostering a deeper appreciation for the items they discover and helping them forge their own personal connections.

At the Vintage Vine Market, we invite you to step into a world where time is fluid and imagination knows no bounds. Take a leisurely stroll among the racks of vintage clothing, where you might uncover a treasure that transports you to another era. Marvel at the delicate brushstrokes of a local artist's masterpiece, capturing the essence of a moment in time. Explore the whimsical decor that adorns our space, inviting you to embark on a journey of wonder and delight.

We believe that every person who walks through our doors is not merely a customer but a kindred spirit—a lover of beauty, craftsmanship, and the stories that connect us all. Our mission is to create an atmosphere where you can be inspired, where you can find that perfect piece that resonates with your soul, and where you can become part of the ongoing story we weave together.

Thank you for joining us on this magical adventure. Together, let's celebrate the past, honor the present, and ignite the spark of creativity that dwells within us all. Welcome to our Whimsical Vintage Boutique—we can't wait to share this extraordinary journey with you!

Our Team

Carolyn Nees

Owner Carolyn Nees wasn't always on track to become a creative entrepreneur. For 25+ years, she worked in the Financial Services Industry in the Tampa Bay area as an analyst and marketing specialist. Then in 2017, wanting to spend more time with aging parents and a college age daughter, Carolyn left the corporate world with an aim to turn her hobby and passion of collecting old stuff, shared with generations of family and many friends, into an income stream. Initially, the easiest outlet to do that was online sales and renting space at local vintage and antique shops. Then in 2020, encouraged by the talented owners of a successful shop in St. Petersburg, FL, Nees decided to launch her own 1000 sq ft shop in their adjacent property that would expand her offerings and focus on her own unique styling. But COVID shutdowns changed that plan when the store closed permanently. Then in late 2022, the dream reemerged when a lunch date with a dear friend led to a chance encounter with the owners of the Davis Building in Old Manatee on the Bradenton Riverwalk. The two friends hatched a plan to rent adjacent space where each could house their business but use the proximity to share a vision of mutual support, community gatherings, and storytelling. The new version of the dream launched in March of 2023 with a 1910 Garden Party Theme in honor of the date of dedication for the lovely building they occupy. The Davis Building is scheduled for renovation, with the owners planning to retain as much of the history and ambiance of the original structure as possible. If they must relocate during eventual renovations, their plan is to stay in the Old Manatee neighborhood they've grown to love and cherish while making a living AND a good life.

Get DirectionsConveniently located just off of Manatee Avenue (SR64) behind the RexAll Drug.
EventsJoin us as we celebrate local artistry and our unique neighborhood history.
Local ArtistsFeaturing the work of local artists and artisans creating unique pieces.

The Vintage Vine Market

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